WELCOME TO MY x WEBZONE x Baby Jesus and Mary

A transparent PNG image of a hot pink, retro style televisionwith one antenna. A flickering animated gif of numerous pride flags combined together to look like a glitching television screen. The message reads, 'EXPERIENCING GENDER DIFFICULTIES, PLEASE STAND BY in all caps.'

Hello there!

My name is Elly. My usual handle is BlakaSmoko—or Smoko for short—but that's just my online moniker. This here is my goofy little corner of the internet. My webbed site. My WEBZONE, hence the name!

Sit back, relax, and let me decorate this space and gush (read: info-dump) about all my favorite things! I also have an Eyeshield 21 fansite that I'm currently working on aside from this one, and I haven't even started my blog or built any shrines yet!

Anyway, have fun with what little I have put together both here and there, and by the grace of God...

  S T A Y   F R U I T Y !  

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